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Learn To Play Guitar How You’ve Always Dreamed Without Having To Spend Countless Hours A Day Practicing


  • Are you new to playing guitar, or frustrated with your lack of progress?

  • Have you been left confused with what you should practice from music DVD’s, books, or sites like Youtube?

  • Do you struggle to play your favourite songs easily?

  • Do you want to save time and money by reaching your guitar playing goals and dreams quickly?


If you’re like many guitar players, each day seems like a constant struggle and an uphill battle to play exactly how you want. You’ve probably seen many other guitar players, some of which may even be your friends, who make playing the guitar look easy, but when you play you can never seem to make anything sound quite right. You’ve probably tried to search for help on Youtube, in music books, or DVD’s to try and find a solution to your frustrations but nothing seems to be working. What if your guitar playing doesn’t always have to be this way? What if there was a way to reach all your dreams and to finally truly enjoy playing the guitar?


Charlie Allen

The quality of my instructor is fantastic and everything set to practice is explained fully.

I definitely feel that the investment is worth it and I feel as though I am really progressing with my guitar ability through these lessons and I would definitely recommend going Stowmarket Guitar Lessons as your guitar ability increases so much.

Darryl Powis

Dan has helped me with my speed playing and technique. Within a few moments to seeing me play he was able to diagnose several technique problems I didn't even know about and then demonstrate a way to fix them. 

I would recommend Dan to other players who want to learn the guitar, or improve their playing as he is a very professional, caring teaching. His knowledge of music and teaching is second to none.


I’m Dan Mayhew from Stowmarket Guitar Lessons and I was once a frustrated guitar player just like you. I know exactly how you feel. I used to spend countless hours trawling through Youtube trying to find the lessons that would fix my frustrations but the longer I searched, the more frustrating the problem became. I even tried buying music books and DVD’s in a desperate hope that one of them would contain the answer to being able to finally enjoy playing guitar again and more importantly, finally reach my goals and dreams of becoming the guitar player I wanted to become…

you’re not alone.

There are many guitar players out there just like you who have felt exactly the same way. Time and time again I see frustrated guitar players who try to either teach themselves, or they suffer at the hands of ineffective teaching methods, and it always leads them down a path that will eventually lead to quitting. What my students have found is that with the help of a trained, qualified teacher, trainer, and mentor you can get on the right path that will lead you to achieving your dreams with the guitar lessons in Stowmarket that you deserve.


3 Methods Of Learning That Will Destroy Your Chances Of Becoming The Guitar Player You Want To Be


  1. I can teach myself using lessons on Youtube, DVD’s, or books”

With the vast amount of information on the internet on sites like Youtube, the huge library of music books and DVD’s, it seems like a logical decision that you should be able to become a great guitar player with these resources. While some of these resources are of a very high quality and contain great information, 99.9% of people will never become great guitar players trying to teach themselves.

The truth is, there is a specific order in which you must learn information on the guitar and if you get that order wrong it can actually damage your guitar playing and take you longer to reach your dreams and aspirations. Not only that but by trying to learn using Youtube, books, or DVD’s, you will always get lost knowing exactly how to practice what you’re seeing to get huge results in a short period of time.

A great teacher will know the order in which you need to learn information, will set out a plan for you so that you learn what you need to at the right time to maximise your learning, they will show you all the practicing secrets you need to know and keep you focused so that you know you’re doing things right and most importantly, they will help you become the best guitar player you can be in the shortest amount of time.

  1. The more sources I learn from, the faster I’ll be able to learn”

One of the things that will paralyse progress when learning anything is the false belief that you will learn more and faster if you learn from multiple sources. There are many reasons why this is damaging to your progress on guitar but the main one that often times, each source you learn from will contradict the other in terms of what order you should learn information in, the best ways to practice, the most effective learning methods, what you should practice etc… and this can lead you very confused with you what you should do and can make it much harder to learn guitar.

When you commit to a single guitar teacher who has proven, effective methods of learning guitar and getting rapid results fast, you will find that not only will you see more results faster but you will also enjoy the process of learning more and be less confused.

  1. My friend can play guitar, I’ll get them to teach me some stuff”

Trying to learn guitar by taking lessons from a friend can seem like a relatively harmless way of learning but in reality, instead of saving you money you would normally spend on lessons, it actually ends up costing you a lot more… and here’s why. The problem with taking lessons from a friend is that your friend does not know how to teach guitar, nor do they know what the most effective methods are for learning. They do not know how to take you from where you are today, take your dreams and aspirations and help you one step at a time to overcome every challenge you face, and help you to reach your dreams in the shortest period of time with truly effective lessons, saving you a lot of time, frustration.

Your time is very valuable. Would you rather spend it on free lessons that lead you no where, or would you rather invest your time and money into lessons that are going to bring you huge results and fulfilment in being able to finally play guitar how you want to?


Gottfrid Norberg Waxin

Dan has the gift of taking something unknown and break it down to smaller pieces so that it becomes very easy to understand, and later on, to use in one's own guitar playing. Dan is very skilled when it comes to finding the root cause of the problem and helping you to eliminate it.

Regardless if you are looking to get started with playing guitar or taking your guitar playing to the next level, Dan Mayhew is the right teacher for you.

Dennis Smith

I have been learning the guitar for about four years. I have had the odd lesson but mainly tried to teach myself using books and the internet. I found this to be confusing and felt frustrated by my lack of progress and basically was stuck in a rut.

I am now able to construct and enjoy creating tunes which gives me freedom of expression and the confidence to play along with others.

The quality of instruction is first class, lessons are held in a relaxed atmosphere, structured and geared to match the pupils ability. The few lessons I had previously did not meet my expectations, were unstructured and I felt that I made very little progress.


So if none of these solutions work, what does? What’s going to get you from where you are today to where you want to be?

In order for you to start to see lasting results in your guitar playing so that you can finally play guitar exactly how you’ve always dreamed of being able to, you need a teacher, trainer, and mentor who can give you guitar lessons that will show you all the guitar practicing secrets, and the best strategies behind learning the guitar. You need a teacher who knows exactly what you need to learn 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc… a teacher who will build a personalised lesson plan for you so that can reach your dreams as fast as possible. Not only that you need a teacher who will be there every step of the way, helping you through every challenge that you will face. A teacher who will never give up on you no matter how hard things may seem, a teacher who wants to see you succeed.

It is my mission as a guitar teacher, trainer, coach, and mentor to help every single guitar player to reach their full potential. I know exactly how it feels to spend years being stuck in a rut while your guitar playing does improve because I was once there. That is why I made the decision to become a part of a special and unique program called the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle where I am taught, and coached by one of the worlds leading guitar teachers.



What does this mean for you? I have access to the best learning strategies to ensure that you can get the results you’re looking for which you can not find anywhere else. On top of all of this, I have also invested £000’s into my own learning by travelling to meet with the top guitar teachers from around the world to be taught in person, so I can give the very best learning experience to my students… and an experience I want you to have too.

So what can you expect to get at Stowmarket Guitar Lessons?


Turn Your Dreams Into A Reality By Taking The Best Guitar Lessons In Stowmarket


  • You will have a personalised lesson plan tailored to reach your goals so that you don’t have to take the trial and error approach, wasting months or even years on ineffective methods.
  • You will avoid spending countless hours of practicing every day by learning secret practicing techniques and strategies that most guitar teachers don’t even know about, or tell you.
  • You will learn how to play guitar confidently and effortlessly so that you can play your favourite songs perfectly every time you pick up your guitar.
  • You will finally learn the guitar at a much faster rate with specific feedback each week related to your playing so that you don’t fall into bad habits which could otherwise set you back months of practicing, time, and money.
  • You will be part of a safe, fun, learning environment so that you can focus 100% on learning guitar, no distractions.
  • You will be able to impress your family and friends with your new found guitar skills.
  • You save time and money by reaching your goals faster instead of wasting it on or DVD’s, books, Youtube lessons, or ineffective teachers, so that you play guitar exactly how you want without it taking years to get there.


Diana de Cabarrus

Dan is a fantastic guitar player and a patient and enthusiastic teacher. He really cares about getting results for his students and understands the best way to lead someone into really grasping how they're going to improve. He can break things down so that students see the bigger picture of their playing and never feel like they're just copying without understanding. I've enjoyed using what he's shown me and I'd highly recommend him to other guitarists looking to improve their playing and have fun.

Johan Tillgren

Dan is a great teacher that truly cares about helping his students become great players. His dedication to the process of getting his students from point A to point B is better than any teacher I've had in the past, and the fact that he seeks out specialised training in guitar teaching makes him stand out from the rest of guitar teachers around.


It’s Time To Take The Step To Go From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be With Your Guitar Playing


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